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The True Story of the Highlands

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An emotional rollercoaster taking you through the darkest times in Highland history, whilst celebrating the resurrection of our culture and music.

Come and learn about the stories of our Scottish ancestors, hear the music from the Scottish Highlands, share the Gaelic songs and traditions and for our evening show delight in Highland dancers and piping. Share an experience of a true Ceilidh, a meeting of friends to share heartfelt stories, music, culture and laughter


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These shows have been devised by the team at MacGregor’s Bars – winner of Scotland’s Best Bar awarded by Visit Scotland’s Thistle Awards. The content has been devised by Bruce MacGregor, one of Scotland’s leading traditional musicians (Blazin’ Fiddles) and former BBC presenter and producer for over 20 years. The show has been curated by Jo De Sylva, a former BBC and Sky TV and Events producer and presenter, and Davy Holt one of our nations finest folk singers. The team at MacGregor’s specialise in creating exceptional events.




Our shows take you on a journey weaving our fascinating history with traditional music, food and a chance to sample some of our finest drinks.

The Highlander Experience is the true story of our nation.

Our city centre experience takes place during the day at the award winning MacGregor's Bar on Academy Street.

Our full evening shows are hosted at Bogbain Farm, just outside Inverness.


Daily Show


When it comes to Scottish music, the Highlander Experience offers you brilliant local musicians steeped in the tradition.



Our Taste of Scotland platter offers you a perfect chance to sample some of Scotland’s favourite dishes including haggis.



Even if you think you don’t like whisky you can’t come to Scotland and not try the real thing!



Hear the real story of how the kilt, the bagpipe and haggis have shaped today’s Scotland. Discover why our language and culture was suppressed for generations and what has led to today's renaissance. It’s the tale of the Warrior, the Romantic, the Gael, the Philosopher and the Adventurer and how they shaped Scotland and the rest of the world! Their tales are woven amongst the traditional tunes and songs.    #despitethem


This is a true taste of the Highlands in one place.


Evening Show

Whilst enjoying superb live traditional music, sampling some of our finest dishes and drinks, our guests find out:
* The truth about Culloden and the battle that nearly ended the Highland way of life. 

* How our traditions and culture survived

* How to do the dances and sing the songs!

This is an evening where everyone can get involved.


The finest Highland story tellers, musicians and performers in the world make up our team. Not only are they great performers but

also great friends.

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